Saturday, 24 September 2011

Torn between colors, styles and everything between

Aaack. Now I don't really know what this blog is for. In this post, I'll be talking about quite a few things. Ready, dollies?

I put this site up a few months back to serve as my "online shop" but as you see, my shop is still a dream; it's taking too long to materialize. Blame it on my laziness and all that. BUT JUST AN UPDATE, guys. I'll really be pushing laziness aside this coming weekend to get supplies for the shop, shoot the items and finally upload them here.

If you're a regular, you must have already read about Pay Day Torture. Yes, I was torn AMONG a myriad of pretty, pretty shoes that came in all styles and colors. BUT this one pair really got me, so I decided to get it. Soooo just in case you wanted to know which pair I chose, it's... *drumroll* -- none other than the black and white peeptoe pumps I was raving about. Okaaay, so here's a photo in case you can't remember how it looks like.

Tada! So yes, this is it.
What I love about this is its cross between stylish pin-up pumps and women's oxford shoes (see photo below)...

Oxford Shoes for Women
See? They look almost the same in style, yes? But I can't wear oxfords, it's just not my style... yet. These are Steve Maddens, btw and I got this image from here!


Sorry, I got carried away again, blabbing about my latest love. Stalling is my thing, don't blame. LOL. (okay, here I go again, beating around the bush. I better STOP.)

Okay, so the real reason for this post is to ask for your opinions again, dollies. Which do you think should I get next? I'm opting for sandals, platforms/flatforms this time for a more laid back look. I want something I can wear when I'm not on doll up mode; a pair I can really relax in when just hanging out with my metal kid or my drunk happy friends. Here goes...

What do you think of this pair? I'm not into peach or nude-colored footwear but as most of you say, this is quite big on versatility! (I like the studs on them, don't think it's OA, k?) Next up is this...

I'm SURELY not into anything orange (except for the fruit, of course), so I really can't imagine myself wearing this. BUT it sure looks comfy so I'm giving this color a shot. Lastly, these ones that come in two colors...

I love pink so my first choice for this style is the first one. But I already have too many pink shoes and just a few of greens. What do you think, should I go for the pink one or the green one?

I'll be waiting for your feed backs, dollies. I have a little less than a week to choose, btw. Hope these beauties won't go out of stock anytime soon. Love you all!