Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shoeholic: Update

THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO CHECK OUT MY BLOG, but WAIT, don't close this tab just yet! I know you're probably not a follower, but please follow me for following's sake. Redundant much, yes? But I'm in desperate need of followers right now, for my shop, yaknowz. 


I quietly laugh at myself everyday. I know I need this business, but it's funny how great I am at slacking off when it comes to starting it. It's been months since I first thought of re-opening my shop (under a new name, of course), but until now (it's been 4 months already, btw), I still haven't gone anywhere near re-launch. Boo my laziness!

A few weeks back, I met up with a college close friend, Mixoi. She also happened to re-open her shop (under a new name too) a few months ago so this kinda inspired me to do the same. She named her shop Dulce & Banana this time. It probably doesn't scream too much glamour at first, or  won't make you want to buy in an instant, but when you say those three words flat-out, you'll realize it sounds like Dolce & Gabbana. That's where the glamour is -- sitting pretty amidst that colorful play on words. It's a hell of a pun, don't you think? (I love her for her humor and creativity. Hihi!) Though some think it's a lame name for a shop (Boo!), I honestly think it's cute, and if it were a person, I'd be intrigued to check "him" out. :)

Uh so why am I talking about her shop and not mine? Cause, (surprise,surprise) I've decided to join her "company" to house my line of shoes. I christened it with Shoeholic by Dolly Pop. I'm also looking at Shoe Bakery since the shoes are gonna be fully customizable.

Anyway, take a lookie at these lovely shoes... I plan to sell similar ones on my shop. Oh what pretty, pretty.

Oh shoes, I could die happy just looking at you. What do you think, guys? Aren't these babies to-die-for?

*Visit her online store here to see her wonderful collection of tops, bottoms and swimwear. This is also where you'll see my Shoeholic line oh so very soon. *omgashoexcitedpleasebuy*

*Photos courtesy of these lovely shoe stores:




Friday, 19 August 2011


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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Christmas in August (part 2)

I told you, Christmas is so in me this August (prolly cause it's my birth month and you know how it is). Anyway, i found these christmas trees here where I get most of my "writing" inspirations from.

I so love these pretty, pretty Christmas trees that it made me wonder about our once enormous, traditional Christmas tree (will tell about this on another post). Here are the Yule trees I fell in love with on Martha Stewart's.

Oh these pretty, pretty Christmas trees, they make me wanna wish for Christmas all year 'round. Which is your favorite tree, btw?


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An Open Love Letter

Courtesy of:

Dear You,

I'm quite sure I liked you. But you know what they say about "like" -- it's  not supposed to send you plummeting down to the deep caverns of depression when he's not around, or make you think of your dream wedding, family and kids when he's being unusually sweet all of a sudden. It's just "like", plain as that -- so clearly, it's not meant to make your heart race when he says you're cute, or feel extremely jumpy whenever you hear him laugh.

It's a wonder why I felt all that for you when I was sure I only liked you. Could it be that it wasn't just "like" to begin with?

One day, I found myself writing you a love note somewhere in my notebook, because somewhere in time, you made my heart smile. Somewhere in that time, I just wanted to be lost with you forever, and never to be found again.

It's insane how ridiculous human nature is. It's always like this -- unending, unchanging. The vicious cycle simply goes on regardless of persons involved or what the situation is -- we only realize what we've got when it's gone. When it's over, that's the only time we look back to appreciate the ones who loved us.

It's sad how I miss you everyday. I think it's too stupid for me to say now that, maybe, somewhere in me, there is more than just "like". Maybe I loved you too.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

RANDOM: Christmas in August

I know it's too early for this, but since given the annual task to write for a hotel's Christmas brochure a few days back, I started reading magazines and scouring the whole of the worldwide web for some Christmas inspiration. And boy did it get me really inspired.

Anyway, I stumbled upon these lovely photos on These Holiday treats look really pretty. I just wish they taste as good as they look. 

I especially love this coconut snowman that while typing this, I'm actually craving for anything coconut. Thanks to this, huh. Where the eff am I gonna look for anything that has coconut shavings at this time?

So here are the rest of the amazing photos that turned on all the Christmas excitement in me. 

Oh dear. I just can't wait for Christmas. *drools over* I can feel it in the air, or maybe it's just the weather. What do you guys think? Are you excited for  Christmas too?