Friday, 16 September 2011

Pay Day Torture

As most of us in the working class know, yesterday was PAY DAY. Yehey! But can you imagine the stress that comes with that glorious day? Been pondering on where to spend a part of my not-so-much salary for days now (Kuya, if you're reading this, no, I don't have A LOT of money. I just like spending more on shoes that I'd rather starve myself just so I could get at least a pair per pay day, akei? Loveyou.) .

Okay... anyway,  just now I checked again my fave online seller on ebay to see what's new on their shop. SURPRISINGLY, I found a couple of really cute platforms and wedges, even pumps on their collection, that kind of made it harder for me to choose. If only I were filthy rich, I'd buy everything in a snap. No more thinking, no more asking. *ohshnip (/oh-snap/) -- i could hear my bf saying this right now*

LUCKILY, my bf is getting me a pair of shoes as a post birthday gift. All I have to do is pick, he'll do the paying. Now what should I choose? At first, my dilemma was focused only on color, but as you read on, you'll know why I feel like robbing a bank now. Kidding, dolls. :)

Originally, this style is my first choice:  "Lolita" pumps (as the seller describes)

I've always been a sucker for pumps and I'd prolly choose it over any kind/style of footwear there is, but these have bows, and are peep-toe type -- who wouldn't fall for them at first sight? As much as I wanted to purchase both, I know that I can only own a pair, sucks for me. What do you think, dollies? Most of my clothes are black or in bold colors, the b/w one would definitely match almost any outfit and it's so pin-up, BUT I've long wanted a pair of nude pumps, and this "Lolita" is just perfect. I am so torn. :(

Next option: these wedge sandals

I originally opted for the red one since it's easier to match with almost everything in my wardrobe and I saw it first (about 2 days ago), BUT I instantly fell in-love with this blue-green/aquamarine/teal (or however you want to call this shade of blue-green)  the moment I saw it. Again, both have bows. I wanna die now. :(

Third option: these platforms or "flatforms"

Ugh, too lovely. Now you know why this is getting tougher for me, right? The pink one is just too cute (my fave color) and YES, the bows again.  While the first one... uh, I just prolly like its style and how simple it is. ._. Now I'm so in pieces.

FINAL CHOICE/S: the other things that I wanna get from that seller like right now

Wedge. Floral. Black. Want to give these sandals a try! *twothumbsup*

these fluffy bows *omggonnadie*

LACES & BOWS -- two of my fave things in one *omggonnadieagain*

wedge,bows,random colors and too much pinkness -- i'm dying some more.

So there, what do you think, dollies. I'll watch out for your opinions before I check out. Which pair should I get? Or if I'm feeling generous -- which PAIRS should I get?

Btw, thanks to my lovely office mates for clearing my mind, yaknowz about the pay day thinger. Haha. Now I gotta get back to work. Boo!



  1. I like this blog. i hope you can check out mine.

  2. Wow difícil elección, me gustan los primeros blanco y negro y los últimos rosas con la flor!!
    Buen fin de semana, guapa!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela (perdona que no escribí en inglés)

  3. i like all!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. Great shoes! I like your blog.

  5. aaaa love the shoes :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  6. I suggest you buy the nude pumps first! Its so versatile. OR you can buy them ALL haha. A girl can't have too many shoes right? btw I just gave you a One Lovely Blog awarded and included you in my top 15 bloggers =) More posts please!!=)

  7. Pumps are the best deals a girl should have! they're chic yet comfortable to wear :) NIce blog, Love! I hope you'd drop by my blog!

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  8. Those teal ones have my heart!

  9. Thank you for your feedback, ladies. :) I'll update you soon which pair I chose.