Thursday, 21 February 2013

Just call this my grand comeback


I so badly want to write again. This time, not solely about fashion; definitely not to sell or to gain a cult following. I just want to write -- to chronicle everything about my life... my food adventures/misadventures,  each and every moment spent with my metal kid, my randomness, things/people I like and loathe, my work, our house, my family, inspirations, my online crushes (they're mostly girls), Christmas, Halloween and everything in between. I just want to write for the heck of it... without caring if anyone's even bothered to read.

I just want to write. Here, I decide to free myself. No templates, no rules.

So call this as my grand comeback... cause I just want to write and be reminded time and again how wonderful my life is through the pages of this blog.

I just want to write... or post pictures at the very least.