Thursday, 21 February 2013

Just call this my grand comeback


I so badly want to write again. This time, not solely about fashion; definitely not to sell or to gain a cult following. I just want to write -- to chronicle everything about my life... my food adventures/misadventures,  each and every moment spent with my metal kid, my randomness, things/people I like and loathe, my work, our house, my family, inspirations, my online crushes (they're mostly girls), Christmas, Halloween and everything in between. I just want to write for the heck of it... without caring if anyone's even bothered to read.

I just want to write. Here, I decide to free myself. No templates, no rules.

So call this as my grand comeback... cause I just want to write and be reminded time and again how wonderful my life is through the pages of this blog.

I just want to write... or post pictures at the very least.


Monday, 7 November 2011


I've been working hard the past few days. Been busy downloading, re-uploading then posting shoe photos, prices and finally contacting possible buyers as "buena mano" for my shop. Whatever. To cut the chase, dollies, MY SHOP IS ALREADY UP AND RUNNING on FACEBOOK (Just look for Dolly Pop, albums are on set to "public" so you guys can still see them. But don't forget to add me up, k?)! I've yet to finish posting prices and sorting them out by shoe/heel style, so pardon the ramdomness of the photos in the albums.

My sister thinks I should sort them by color rather than shoe/heel style. What do you think, dollies? Would that work better?

So here are some of the shoes I picked for the shop:





AND A LOT MORE, like flats and brogues and JC replicas and some slippers!!!

Now be sure to check on my facebook shop account to see the full catalogue with their corresponding prices. Also, click on my SHOEHOLIC tab, that'll double as my shop here on blogger. I know I have international readers, and if you dollies are interested to buy... uh... just let me know, I might find a way to ship goods straight to your door. I just hope shipping wouldn't cost any of us that much.


The prices posted per photos are all you have to pay for. No more shipping or handling costs as they are already included. BUT OF COURSE, that's just for local buyers. WOW, right?

So please, please do buy. I really avoided overpricing this time so more people can afford to grab a pair or two. Whatever. Just check my items out. They're pre-order, btw.


Okay, so bye now. Just text or message me for anything.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

LG vs Samsung: My Search For A New Phone

Bad News

Exactly a week ago, some dude stole my phone -- LG Lollipop (it's GD580, I think). Yes, I WAS once one of those non-Korean people who was blessed  to experience its cuteness in pink. For weeks, I believed I pestered my mom enough to get me this for a Christmas gift. When luckily she agreed, I was on cloud 9.
LG lollipop, the original colors
got image here
It's funny. I think we have an LG Lollipop curse in the family. My brother used to own the chrome one, (got so envious of his so I decided to get me one too. lol) but unfortunately for him too, someone pick-pocketed it while he was drunk-asleep on a bus, on his way home from a drinking session. LOL. Poor us, but instead we just shrugged it off. "It's just a phone", says me with my eyes rolling. Yeah, right. No.

As much as I wanted to get me another one like this, I'm thinking "no". It's cute, sure, but there are some reasons why I'd rather get a different one. It's a love-hate relationship I have with my Lollipop (I named her Dolly Pop, btw) and take it from me, it's not as AWESOME as everyone thinks.

1. Consume almost half of your external memory (mine's just 4gb) and you'll find it running real slow.
2. Sometimes it restarts by itself.
3. It's rich in hanging-lagging-loading time.
4. Tried to put one episode of "walking dead", but it didn't play.
5. Sudden signal problems
6. No wifi feature
7. And a lot more.

BUT it's my dream phone for its cuteness so I didn't care. You know how they always say you better go for iPhone 'cause it's waaay better and it's like on everybody's wishlist -- well, not me. If it were pink and had this irresistible kawaii factor, then I might get one, but it isn't and it doesn't... so NO.

Off to search for a new phone

Just a background about me: I'm not a phone person. I lived almost 20 years of my life without wanting to own one. Seriously. I lived through almost half of my college days without it so I surely can survive without it, right? Wrong again.

Imagine me one weekend with no phone. Yes, I was bored to death. No games, no mp3, not much texting (my metal kid lent me his spare phone, btw. That, I'm much thankful for.), no photo browsing, no camwhoring, no anything. Imagine me like that. For two days. I was on full tantrums mode. *tsk,tsk*

To let go of the feeling, I browsed through LG and Samsung's site, even YouTube to find a possible replacement for the cutest phone on earth. And there stood, lo and behold, in flashing LED lights, these cute Samsung Nori (GT-S5520) ones.
Eeep! Going for the pink one, definitely.

just some of its really cute themes
touch and swipe: from "time/date" status to mood mode

has LED Dot Composer so you can easily create your own expression icons

lookie at these lovely shooting modes -- LOMO shot? Seriously? Wow.
Oh dear. I knew you were gonna like this. It's a winner for cuteness and function. Check this site out to learn more about this product.

Next Up: Another Samsung Phone
I've been fancying this Samsung Nori SHW-A220S for hours now (learned about this just last night, btw.) It's a complete touch phone that you can dress up for that extreme personalized touch. So me.

photo taken here

They're too cute they look like a toy. LOL. And these are endorsed by 2NE1, btw. Go to YouTube and search for their commercial ad for this one. (man, thought those girls were pro-LG)

LG Lollipop is calling me...
...and screaming, "hey, don't forget about me!". since I'm quite a loyal LG fan, and I loved the first version of Lollipop, I'm thinking of getting CYON LOLLIPOP 2. I just wish it's better than the first.

pastel colors: i want mine in PINK!

both photos were taken here
I just love how this phone looks, and it's got pretty amazing themes and lighting effects. You guys better check out YouTube for product reviews and LG sites for full specs.

So mom... please buy me any of these three and I promise to be a better owner this time.

But no, she refused to buy me anything, not until Christmas. So... I have to buy myself something good enough to get me through until the Holidays. Considering the price and availability of the aforementioned phones, having them in a snap is kind of not gonna happen anytime soon. So I'm thinking of getting me this instead -- LG BL40 CHOCOLATE for a rather yummy price.

i'm gonna watch movies on you 24/7. And play games nonstop. LOL
Photo taken here
I don't mind not having cutesy-pink-girlygirly phones if this was mine. What do you think? OR if I'm on a tighter budget and I needed to downgrade a bit my great taste for cute phones *cough,cough*, how about this one: SAMSUNG B3310 in pink!

So cute. So affordable too.
Photo taken here
This was originally what I wanted to buy for myself last year. Then Nokia C3 came and cancelled all my B3310 desires. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't get Nokia C3. I opted for Lollipop, remember?

So... what do you think people? What do you think should I get? Which phone wins for its cuteness?

My sister, Me and My Phone
I'm leaving you guys with this. LOL.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Torn between colors, styles and everything between

Aaack. Now I don't really know what this blog is for. In this post, I'll be talking about quite a few things. Ready, dollies?

I put this site up a few months back to serve as my "online shop" but as you see, my shop is still a dream; it's taking too long to materialize. Blame it on my laziness and all that. BUT JUST AN UPDATE, guys. I'll really be pushing laziness aside this coming weekend to get supplies for the shop, shoot the items and finally upload them here.

If you're a regular, you must have already read about Pay Day Torture. Yes, I was torn AMONG a myriad of pretty, pretty shoes that came in all styles and colors. BUT this one pair really got me, so I decided to get it. Soooo just in case you wanted to know which pair I chose, it's... *drumroll* -- none other than the black and white peeptoe pumps I was raving about. Okaaay, so here's a photo in case you can't remember how it looks like.

Tada! So yes, this is it.
What I love about this is its cross between stylish pin-up pumps and women's oxford shoes (see photo below)...

Oxford Shoes for Women
See? They look almost the same in style, yes? But I can't wear oxfords, it's just not my style... yet. These are Steve Maddens, btw and I got this image from here!


Sorry, I got carried away again, blabbing about my latest love. Stalling is my thing, don't blame. LOL. (okay, here I go again, beating around the bush. I better STOP.)

Okay, so the real reason for this post is to ask for your opinions again, dollies. Which do you think should I get next? I'm opting for sandals, platforms/flatforms this time for a more laid back look. I want something I can wear when I'm not on doll up mode; a pair I can really relax in when just hanging out with my metal kid or my drunk happy friends. Here goes...

What do you think of this pair? I'm not into peach or nude-colored footwear but as most of you say, this is quite big on versatility! (I like the studs on them, don't think it's OA, k?) Next up is this...

I'm SURELY not into anything orange (except for the fruit, of course), so I really can't imagine myself wearing this. BUT it sure looks comfy so I'm giving this color a shot. Lastly, these ones that come in two colors...

I love pink so my first choice for this style is the first one. But I already have too many pink shoes and just a few of greens. What do you think, should I go for the pink one or the green one?

I'll be waiting for your feed backs, dollies. I have a little less than a week to choose, btw. Hope these beauties won't go out of stock anytime soon. Love you all!


Friday, 16 September 2011

Pay Day Torture

As most of us in the working class know, yesterday was PAY DAY. Yehey! But can you imagine the stress that comes with that glorious day? Been pondering on where to spend a part of my not-so-much salary for days now (Kuya, if you're reading this, no, I don't have A LOT of money. I just like spending more on shoes that I'd rather starve myself just so I could get at least a pair per pay day, akei? Loveyou.) .

Okay... anyway,  just now I checked again my fave online seller on ebay to see what's new on their shop. SURPRISINGLY, I found a couple of really cute platforms and wedges, even pumps on their collection, that kind of made it harder for me to choose. If only I were filthy rich, I'd buy everything in a snap. No more thinking, no more asking. *ohshnip (/oh-snap/) -- i could hear my bf saying this right now*

LUCKILY, my bf is getting me a pair of shoes as a post birthday gift. All I have to do is pick, he'll do the paying. Now what should I choose? At first, my dilemma was focused only on color, but as you read on, you'll know why I feel like robbing a bank now. Kidding, dolls. :)

Originally, this style is my first choice:  "Lolita" pumps (as the seller describes)

I've always been a sucker for pumps and I'd prolly choose it over any kind/style of footwear there is, but these have bows, and are peep-toe type -- who wouldn't fall for them at first sight? As much as I wanted to purchase both, I know that I can only own a pair, sucks for me. What do you think, dollies? Most of my clothes are black or in bold colors, the b/w one would definitely match almost any outfit and it's so pin-up, BUT I've long wanted a pair of nude pumps, and this "Lolita" is just perfect. I am so torn. :(

Next option: these wedge sandals

I originally opted for the red one since it's easier to match with almost everything in my wardrobe and I saw it first (about 2 days ago), BUT I instantly fell in-love with this blue-green/aquamarine/teal (or however you want to call this shade of blue-green)  the moment I saw it. Again, both have bows. I wanna die now. :(

Third option: these platforms or "flatforms"

Ugh, too lovely. Now you know why this is getting tougher for me, right? The pink one is just too cute (my fave color) and YES, the bows again.  While the first one... uh, I just prolly like its style and how simple it is. ._. Now I'm so in pieces.

FINAL CHOICE/S: the other things that I wanna get from that seller like right now

Wedge. Floral. Black. Want to give these sandals a try! *twothumbsup*

these fluffy bows *omggonnadie*

LACES & BOWS -- two of my fave things in one *omggonnadieagain*

wedge,bows,random colors and too much pinkness -- i'm dying some more.

So there, what do you think, dollies. I'll watch out for your opinions before I check out. Which pair should I get? Or if I'm feeling generous -- which PAIRS should I get?

Btw, thanks to my lovely office mates for clearing my mind, yaknowz about the pay day thinger. Haha. Now I gotta get back to work. Boo!


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shoeholic: Update

THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO CHECK OUT MY BLOG, but WAIT, don't close this tab just yet! I know you're probably not a follower, but please follow me for following's sake. Redundant much, yes? But I'm in desperate need of followers right now, for my shop, yaknowz. 


I quietly laugh at myself everyday. I know I need this business, but it's funny how great I am at slacking off when it comes to starting it. It's been months since I first thought of re-opening my shop (under a new name, of course), but until now (it's been 4 months already, btw), I still haven't gone anywhere near re-launch. Boo my laziness!

A few weeks back, I met up with a college close friend, Mixoi. She also happened to re-open her shop (under a new name too) a few months ago so this kinda inspired me to do the same. She named her shop Dulce & Banana this time. It probably doesn't scream too much glamour at first, or  won't make you want to buy in an instant, but when you say those three words flat-out, you'll realize it sounds like Dolce & Gabbana. That's where the glamour is -- sitting pretty amidst that colorful play on words. It's a hell of a pun, don't you think? (I love her for her humor and creativity. Hihi!) Though some think it's a lame name for a shop (Boo!), I honestly think it's cute, and if it were a person, I'd be intrigued to check "him" out. :)

Uh so why am I talking about her shop and not mine? Cause, (surprise,surprise) I've decided to join her "company" to house my line of shoes. I christened it with Shoeholic by Dolly Pop. I'm also looking at Shoe Bakery since the shoes are gonna be fully customizable.

Anyway, take a lookie at these lovely shoes... I plan to sell similar ones on my shop. Oh what pretty, pretty.

Oh shoes, I could die happy just looking at you. What do you think, guys? Aren't these babies to-die-for?

*Visit her online store here to see her wonderful collection of tops, bottoms and swimwear. This is also where you'll see my Shoeholic line oh so very soon. *omgashoexcitedpleasebuy*

*Photos courtesy of these lovely shoe stores: