Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Update: Shoeholic

It's really funny how easily my mind, my mood and my preferences change. But one thing is for sure, I ADORE LOVELY SHOES. My preferred style may change, but the overall like for it, will not.

It's also funny how I suddenly felt lazy writing here. Oh well, I guess that's the effect when no one is actually following you. So if ever you get to read this, follow me just for following's sake. Hahaha.

No, seriously, I think I had enough of blogs all of a sudden. Over the weekend, my brother bought us a new computer and with our newly installed internet connection, I went crazy reading blogs of those I follow... then I got tired and thought to myself, "what else am I gonna write?"

What I didn't realize right away is the reason why I made this blog! Yes, mostly for selling. So anyway, here's another batch of some shoes I'd love to sell here some day.

Again, if ever you chanced to pass by here and got to read this, please be my follower here. Thankies. 

So, there, just a couple of them. There's more to come so do watch out.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Amliya Bags

I'm not into bags, but bags this cute will definitely change my mind. What do you think of me selling Amliya bags here? More photos to come.

I know this is kind of old already (seen one at GH last year), but I haven't seen a lot carrying a bag like this. Plus, Amliya's got moooore designs than cars and buses. I think they have owl bags and teapots too. I'll upload more photos maybe later. So excited to own this.