Sunday, 25 September 2011

LG vs Samsung: My Search For A New Phone

Bad News

Exactly a week ago, some dude stole my phone -- LG Lollipop (it's GD580, I think). Yes, I WAS once one of those non-Korean people who was blessed  to experience its cuteness in pink. For weeks, I believed I pestered my mom enough to get me this for a Christmas gift. When luckily she agreed, I was on cloud 9.
LG lollipop, the original colors
got image here
It's funny. I think we have an LG Lollipop curse in the family. My brother used to own the chrome one, (got so envious of his so I decided to get me one too. lol) but unfortunately for him too, someone pick-pocketed it while he was drunk-asleep on a bus, on his way home from a drinking session. LOL. Poor us, but instead we just shrugged it off. "It's just a phone", says me with my eyes rolling. Yeah, right. No.

As much as I wanted to get me another one like this, I'm thinking "no". It's cute, sure, but there are some reasons why I'd rather get a different one. It's a love-hate relationship I have with my Lollipop (I named her Dolly Pop, btw) and take it from me, it's not as AWESOME as everyone thinks.

1. Consume almost half of your external memory (mine's just 4gb) and you'll find it running real slow.
2. Sometimes it restarts by itself.
3. It's rich in hanging-lagging-loading time.
4. Tried to put one episode of "walking dead", but it didn't play.
5. Sudden signal problems
6. No wifi feature
7. And a lot more.

BUT it's my dream phone for its cuteness so I didn't care. You know how they always say you better go for iPhone 'cause it's waaay better and it's like on everybody's wishlist -- well, not me. If it were pink and had this irresistible kawaii factor, then I might get one, but it isn't and it doesn't... so NO.

Off to search for a new phone

Just a background about me: I'm not a phone person. I lived almost 20 years of my life without wanting to own one. Seriously. I lived through almost half of my college days without it so I surely can survive without it, right? Wrong again.

Imagine me one weekend with no phone. Yes, I was bored to death. No games, no mp3, not much texting (my metal kid lent me his spare phone, btw. That, I'm much thankful for.), no photo browsing, no camwhoring, no anything. Imagine me like that. For two days. I was on full tantrums mode. *tsk,tsk*

To let go of the feeling, I browsed through LG and Samsung's site, even YouTube to find a possible replacement for the cutest phone on earth. And there stood, lo and behold, in flashing LED lights, these cute Samsung Nori (GT-S5520) ones.
Eeep! Going for the pink one, definitely.

just some of its really cute themes
touch and swipe: from "time/date" status to mood mode

has LED Dot Composer so you can easily create your own expression icons

lookie at these lovely shooting modes -- LOMO shot? Seriously? Wow.
Oh dear. I knew you were gonna like this. It's a winner for cuteness and function. Check this site out to learn more about this product.

Next Up: Another Samsung Phone
I've been fancying this Samsung Nori SHW-A220S for hours now (learned about this just last night, btw.) It's a complete touch phone that you can dress up for that extreme personalized touch. So me.

photo taken here

They're too cute they look like a toy. LOL. And these are endorsed by 2NE1, btw. Go to YouTube and search for their commercial ad for this one. (man, thought those girls were pro-LG)

LG Lollipop is calling me...
...and screaming, "hey, don't forget about me!". since I'm quite a loyal LG fan, and I loved the first version of Lollipop, I'm thinking of getting CYON LOLLIPOP 2. I just wish it's better than the first.

pastel colors: i want mine in PINK!

both photos were taken here
I just love how this phone looks, and it's got pretty amazing themes and lighting effects. You guys better check out YouTube for product reviews and LG sites for full specs.

So mom... please buy me any of these three and I promise to be a better owner this time.

But no, she refused to buy me anything, not until Christmas. So... I have to buy myself something good enough to get me through until the Holidays. Considering the price and availability of the aforementioned phones, having them in a snap is kind of not gonna happen anytime soon. So I'm thinking of getting me this instead -- LG BL40 CHOCOLATE for a rather yummy price.

i'm gonna watch movies on you 24/7. And play games nonstop. LOL
Photo taken here
I don't mind not having cutesy-pink-girlygirly phones if this was mine. What do you think? OR if I'm on a tighter budget and I needed to downgrade a bit my great taste for cute phones *cough,cough*, how about this one: SAMSUNG B3310 in pink!

So cute. So affordable too.
Photo taken here
This was originally what I wanted to buy for myself last year. Then Nokia C3 came and cancelled all my B3310 desires. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't get Nokia C3. I opted for Lollipop, remember?

So... what do you think people? What do you think should I get? Which phone wins for its cuteness?

My sister, Me and My Phone
I'm leaving you guys with this. LOL.



  1. nice post love all colours:)need a new phone too lost mine:(kisses La Folie 

  2. those phone looks super chic!
    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each if you like, i would love to have more filipina blogger friends..

  3. I wish my phone is as cute as them! xoxoxoo

  4. Quiero saber si va a salir en Mexico LG Lollipop 2 y cuanto va a costar