Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An Open Love Letter

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Dear You,

I'm quite sure I liked you. But you know what they say about "like" -- it's  not supposed to send you plummeting down to the deep caverns of depression when he's not around, or make you think of your dream wedding, family and kids when he's being unusually sweet all of a sudden. It's just "like", plain as that -- so clearly, it's not meant to make your heart race when he says you're cute, or feel extremely jumpy whenever you hear him laugh.

It's a wonder why I felt all that for you when I was sure I only liked you. Could it be that it wasn't just "like" to begin with?

One day, I found myself writing you a love note somewhere in my notebook, because somewhere in time, you made my heart smile. Somewhere in that time, I just wanted to be lost with you forever, and never to be found again.

It's insane how ridiculous human nature is. It's always like this -- unending, unchanging. The vicious cycle simply goes on regardless of persons involved or what the situation is -- we only realize what we've got when it's gone. When it's over, that's the only time we look back to appreciate the ones who loved us.

It's sad how I miss you everyday. I think it's too stupid for me to say now that, maybe, somewhere in me, there is more than just "like". Maybe I loved you too.


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