Monday, 27 June 2011

The Real Deal: Fashion bites and it itches like cuhraaazy.

Okay, so here's the real deal why I so suddenly decided to create a blog. Sure, I've always loved to write. I even think I am more efficient in conveying my thoughts and emotions through writing. And sure, I've owned journals or diaries all my life, which prolly would make anyone think that I could be on blogger too. BUT the real reason why I created this is because I wanted to put up an online store (again, i know).

I realized there are prolly tons of "fashionistas" or pure lovers of anything cute, random, sexy, stylish, etc. out here on blogger today so I thought, "hey, putting my stuff here wouldn't hurt, right?" And so I will.

I know I've been blabbing to myself for days now, but it doesn't matter. I know someday Dolly Pop will be big -- let's all pray for that. 

So, anyway, since I am so so so so into shoes these days, what do you think of me selling these babies? Let me know (if anyone can see this).

So there... I love all these in different colors. I hope you guys would like them too. :) Btw, in case we've all decided to sell these shoes (and a lot more), please check my *SHOEHOLIC~! tab 'cause that is where you'll eventually see these. THANKS!

Love. Nini

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