Thursday, 23 June 2011

Behold the fashionista wanna-be.

So... just lately, I've been really, really into fashion. And like the usual, I like anything that I'm sure of will stand out. I don't shop for expensive clothes or shoes and no, I'm not into bags, but I think I know the right pieces to wear for anyone to stand out.

Anyway, since I feel like I'm too hooked in fashion right now, and I need extra budget to buy the pieces I want, I think I wanna open (again) an ONLINE SHOP. How does that sound?

Last year, because I was busy going around Greenhills and Megamall, I thought, "Hey, there are a LOT of things I wanna buy here." So being constricted by budget, I decided to sell affordable clothes online (NOTE: affordable, not cheap). And the next thing I knew, I kept buying everything I like without spending much of my salary. Thanks Kokeshi Fashion Dojo... and then I got lazy by November. Stupid me.

So now I'm struggling AGAIN to open a shop and since facebook blocked my Fashion Dojo, I decided to make a come back through blogger... and facebook again 'cause I'm so kulit (Hehe).,. and multiply, ebay and friendster even. I'm kidding on the last part, but who knows, I might really go even as far as that. 

Oh, and I found this free web hosting (, will definitely try posting  my stuff there too. :D

So... just watch out for my shop opening. That'll be very, very soon, I promise. (Though I know no one's really reading this yet). Let's all stand out together with fashionable pieces from Dolly Pop! :) K?


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